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2017 Results

2017 Program

   Note  to Members

Points for the yearly Bob Woods Trophy will be doubled when playing on our country courses at Braidwood, Cooma, Goulburn and Yass this year


   For various events occuring in other areas throughout the year,

 including the 2017 AVGU Championships in the Gold Coast in October 2017

   please refer to NOTICES above

 Correct Handicaps

 Please check your handicap before you play

 If you play off a handicap that is higher than the correct handicap, you will be disqualified.

No Shows and late cancellations

There continues to be members who are not notifying  when they do not turn up for games. This has occurred despite in the game day preamble members are asked to notify if you cannot take your name off the sheet i.e. after the game is closed.

 The Proshops provide the committee with numbers for our financial reconciliation and those not attending are noted on the time sheets.  In future members who have not done the courteous thing in advising their absence may be suspended by the Match Committee from future competitions.

Also it is intended to monitor those offenders who continually cancel from the time the report is made to the pro shops on the Thursdays to the day of the game. recently it has been up to 20% of the nominated field.

  We have noticed lately that many of you are not repairing pitch and spike marks on the greens.

Please have some consideration for those following.

It is not that difficult to look where you are pitching to and where you are walking.

Do the right thing.

     The GA Handicapping System

It is the responsibility of all members to know their EXACT handicap on the day of play, and to refer to the Scratch Rating and the Slope Rating according to the tees set up for that day. This will enable them to know their correct handicap for that day's play. The Slope Rating Charts will be posted by each club, and a copy is held by the Vet's Captain. Note: If your correct handicap is not displayed on your card,and you play off the wrong handicap,you will be disqualified.


 The ACT Vets handbook has a section on slow play and members should make themselves familiar with these guidelines.  Also refer to Section 6.7 of the Rules Of Golf. Where groups fall significantly behind they could firstly be offered a warning for the group to catch up.  If this is not sufficient then a penalty of two points from the score per player in the group could be imposed.  Again, if this does not correct the situation then the group could be disqualified.