Welcome to the website of the ACT Region Veterans Golf Association (ACTRVGA). The ACTRVGA was formed in the early 1970’s as a not-for-profit body incorporated in the ACT and managed by volunteers from the ACT region. To find out more, click here.

Bulletin Board

The ACTRVGA Most Consistent Player Trophy (formerly known as the Bob Woods Trophy)

Consequent to discussions held at the November 2023 meeting of the ACTRVGA Committee, it was unanimously agreed that effective as of 2024, the Bob Woods Trophy be renamed the ACTRVGA Most Consistent Player Trophy.

The Bob Woods Trophy was a perpetual trophy awarded to the most consistent player in any given calendar year. It was donated by former active member of the ACTRVGA, Bob Woods. Bob Woods passed away in 2012.

Points are cumulatively allocated toward recognition under the trophy on a weekly competition basis as follows: 10 points for first place, then nine for second down to one point for 10th place.


Members would be aware that both the MiScore App and OneGolf system offer easy access to view a competition’s Leaderboard and on completion, the Results. In that context, there are several ways of accessing competition Leaderboards/Results, as follows:

  • In the public domain via this link – this gives public access to all competitions/tournaments and multi-rounds for the ACTRVGA
  • Via the Leaderboard in the MiScore App – this gives the same as that in the public domain and is available for all clubs that have been downloaded on your phone
  • Log into OneGolf and go to the “My Results” area which can be accessed from the welcome screen (NB: Only available if a competition report is generated when a competition is closed).

Effective as of January 1, 2024 no further weekly results will be recorded on this website.


The ACTRGVA hosted the AVGU National Championships here in Canberra between 12 and 17 November 2023. Around 320 golfers from all over Australia took part in what turned out to be a fantastic week of golf.

A list of all results can be found by clicking here.

The ACTRVGA’s version of ‘Jimmy Olsen’ (Michael Harrison) frantically raced around all venues with his camera during the week taking a whole bunch of ‘snaps’ that can be viewed by clicking here.

The Riverland District in South Australia is to host the 2024 AVGU National Championship. For further information click here.


You must be a financial member of the ACTRVGA (or affiliated VGA) to participate in any fixtured event. Unfinancial members will be disqualified by the Match Committee as ‘ineligible to play’ unless payment is made on the day of play. If you are unsure of your ACTRVGA membership status, check with the SECRETARY or CAPTAIN.