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The ACTRGVA is hosting the AVGU National Championships between 12 and 17 November 2023. We are expecting around 320 golfers from all over Australia. To provide our visitors with the best golfing experience that we can provide, the committee is asking for volunteers to share the load at each course, each day.

I know that many of you have already put your hands up to help us through the Championship week. For those who have offered their services, circumstances can change so we are asking now for a firm commitment, to the best of your knowledge, during this Championship week. This bulletin identifies the actual roles that are required at each course each day over the four days. It will also assist me in organizing rosters, especially where volunteers are also playing in the Championships.

The format for the golf will comprise a shotgun start commencing at 7:30am and 12:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Friday’s shotgun start times will be 7:00am and 12:00pm. Wednesday is a rest day for social activities and tours.

Golf commences with a 4BBB Medley on Monday 13 November at Fairbairn and Murrumbidgee golf clubs. We anticipate approximately 160 golfers at each course, 80 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. Tuesday will be the first round of a 54-hole Championship for both men and women and will be played as a stroke event, for grades A, B and C with the second round on Thursday and the last round on Friday. The three grades will rotate through the Queanbeyan, Gungahlin Lakes and Gold Creek courses. There will also be a Medley Stableford competition in each grade in conjunction with the Championship event. Players may elect, during the event, to withdraw from the stroke event and play stableford only. Each course, for the Championship rounds, will have approximately 55 players in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Briefly, we will need to fill the following roles:

Course Coordinators
The 4BBB at both Fairbairn and Murrumbidgee will require a Coordinator to oversee the event for the whole day. For the Championship rounds, each course, Queanbeyan, Gold Creek and Gungahlin, will require a Coordinator to be there for the whole day, to oversee the running of those events.

The Course Coordinator will be responsible for liaising with the club (pro shop, caterers, and front office) to make sure everyone is fully aware of our requirements and that everything is in place. In addition the Course Coordinator will need to assign tasks over the three days to those who have volunteered. We will provide laptop access to OneGolf so that the Course Coordinator will be able to use the OneGolf system to make any changes on the spot, assist with Miscore users having difficulties, close the competition and announce the results. Once the results are available present prizes. Daily prizes will be awarded to both morning and afternoon stableford winners.

Game day registration
Importantly, the first point of contact for our visitors is the registration table where our volunteers will mark the players names off the start sheets and also direct them to the clubhouse facilities or to carts, food and or drinks etc. For this we will need two (2) members at each course for both the morning and afternoon sessions. The Registration Volunteers will also need to work with the pro shop and the Cart Marshal to make sure that carts are identified and  arranged for collection to allow for an orderly progress on the course to the relevant tees.

We will require a rules Referee at each course to adjudicate and make decisions in the event of a dispute on the course.

Starter am/pm
We will require a Starter at each course who can provide our visitors with important information about the course, local rules and course marshalling.

Cart Marshal am/pm
The Cart Marshal will be required to make sure that carts are identified for the golfers who booked them. This will include the changeover between the morning and afternoon groups. We may be able to use spotters to assist with the carts before they go out and spot.

Spotters am/pm
Spotters will be required to occupy positions on the course to indicate to golfers that the coast is clear where necessary, and possibly to assist in locating wayward golf balls. There may be some cross over of duties for spotters but these will be determined by the course coordinator.

Volunteers will be offered a light lunch and drink either after their shift (morning) or before the next (afternoon).

Please let me know via the captain.actvetsgolf@gmail.com in what capacity that you can assist and also if you are playing what you can do pre or post your round.

Thank you.

Chris Morgan


The ACTRVGA is hosting the 2023 AVGU National Championship to be held between Sunday November 12 and Friday 17 November next year. By clicking here this bulletin brings you up to date on the program and running of the event.  Further bulletins will be issued from time to time as appropriate. The 2023 Championship website can be found by clicking here.


You must be a financial member of the ACTRVGA (or affiliated VGA) to participate in any fixtured event. Unfinancial members will be disqualified by the Match Committee as ‘ineligible to play’ unless payment is made on the day of play. If you are unsure of your ACTRVGA membership status, check with the SECRETARY or CAPTAIN.