Welcome to the website of the ACT Region Veterans Golf Association (ACTRVGA). The ACTRVGA was formed in the early 1970’s as a not-for-profit body incorporated in the ACT and managed by volunteers from the ACT region. To find out more, click here.

Bulletin Board


Members are aware that the ACTRVGA has adopted the new ‘OneGolf’ booking system. Feedback to date has been positive with only a few issues raised and quickly dealt with. Monday, 27 March sees the first full implementation of the ‘MiScore’ scoring system at Yowani. Many of you are familiar with ‘MiScore’, as it has been adopted and used at the majority of golf clubs in the ACT and NSW.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective as of midday Sunday, 26 March 2023 all ACTRVGA tee-time golf bookings will be able to be booked thru here (temporarily) and the normal ‘Login Online Bookings’ quick link on this web page.

Members have been asked to subscribe to the ‘MiScore’ App and record results using their mobile phones. Those people using the App do not need to use a card and scores will be relayed to Golflink quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we will have all player results each week automatically calculated, published and available online.

For those who choose not to use a smartphone and the ‘MiScore’ system, cards will be available at each course each week, along with a laptop computer. These members must manually enter their scores into Golflink themselves. A committee member will be on hand to assist, but they will not enter your scores for you.

Please remember that, if the golf club you are a member of is paying for your ‘MiScore’ App subscription as part of your membership fees, access to the scoring system is just for the use at your golf club. Therefore, you will not be able to use the App at all of the courses where the ACTRVGA members play throughout the year, without taking out a personal Australia wide subscription of the ‘MiScore’ App. The annual subscription fee is currently $19.49.

Chris Morgan – Captain, ACTRVGA


The ACTRVGA is hosting the 2023 AVGU National Championship to be held between Sunday November 12 and Friday 17 November next year. By clicking here this bulletin brings you up to date on the program and running of the event.  Further bulletins will be issued from time to time as appropriate. The 2023 Championship website can be found by clicking here.


You must be a financial member of the ACTRVGA (or affiliated VGA) to participate in any fixtured event. Unfinancial members will be disqualified by the Match Committee as ‘ineligible to play’ unless payment is made on the day of play. If you are unsure of your ACTRVGA membership status, check with the SECRETARY or CAPTAIN.