Welcome to the website of the ACT Region Veterans Golf Association (ACTRVGA). The ACTRVGA was formed in the early 1970’s as a not-for-profit body incorporated in the ACT and managed by volunteers from the ACT region. To find out more, click here.

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Want to get that little bit extra out of your golf game? Why not start by being physically and mentally prepared better for your round. Here’s a few points to remember:

  1. Charge your mobile phone and buggy battery (if applicable) the night before you play
  2. On the day of play, arrive at least 30 to 40 minutes before your round tees off to unload and prepare your clubs and buggy
  3. Check you have sufficient drinks to keep yourself hydrated during the round (the course may not have bubblers out there)
  4. Put on some sun-screen and wear a hat/cap
  5. Pay your green fees and then read any Local Rules posted on the club noticeboard
  6. Stretch/Flex yourself a bit, then have a practice swing (being mindful of anyone near you) and finally,
  7. Have a practice putt or two.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your game. Play well!

You must be a financial member of the ACTRVGA (or affiliated VGA) to participate in any fixtured event. Unfinancial members will be disqualified by the Match Committee as ‘ineligible to play’ unless payment is made on the day of play. If you are unsure of your ACTRVGA membership status, check with the SECRETARY or CAPTAIN.