The AVGU is incorporated in the ACT with the objective of fostering the game of golf for veteran members and:

  • Assisting and co-ordinating member states and territories in the administration and general conduct of the game of golf for veteran golfers
  • Facilitating and providing the guidelines for the conduct, control and management of the annual AVGU National Championships.

An executive comprising of one delegate from each of the affiliated associations in all eight States and Territories has oversight of the affairs of the AVGU.

Each affiliated State and Territory association is autonomous in the administration, control and conduct of their competition roster that varies from association to association.  Competitions are conducted on week days.

The national membership is in excess of 33,000, with state and territory wide competitions utilizing hundreds of golf courses.

Further details and contact information can be found on the AVGU website here.

National Championship Roster 

The National Championships are conducted on a rotation between states and territories. The upcoming schedule is: