Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of Members of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association Incorporated will be held at the Yowani Country Club on Monday 18th September 2023 commencing at 1.00pm (following the Golf)


  1. President to open the meeting and call for any apologies.
  2. The observation of one minute’s silence for deceased members.
  3. To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on Monday 12 September 2022 and any business arising.
  4. Correspondence.
  5. Presidents Report for 2022/2023
  6. Treasurers Report for 2022/2023
  7. Captains Report for 2022/2023
  8. To receive and consider the Club’s audited Statement of Accounts, Auditors Statement, and other information as required under Section 73 (1) of the ACT.
  9. To appoint any additional members who may wish to nominate and serve on the Committee.
  10. To appoint an Honorary Auditor for the current Financial Year.
  11. Playing program for 2024.
  12. Discussion of 2023 National Championships to be held in Canberra from November 12th to 17th
  13. To transact any other business which may be brought before the Meeting in conformity with the Associations Rules

MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting for 2022 of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Incorporated.

Date:    12th September 2022.

Venue: Federal Golf Club

There were 48 members in attendance.

Apologies:  B.Holley, I.Sausverdis, P.Burgess, A.Edwards, R.Hickman, C.Dunstone, W.Spence, D.Rodda.

The President, Alan Chrisp opened the meeting and called for a minute’s silence in memory of the members who had passed away during the past 12 months. Recently deceased   mentioned were Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Robyn Whyte, Martin Fernandez, Doug Hall.

Minutes of the 2021 AGM:  The minutes as published on the ACTRVGA website were taken as read and this was confirmed on a motion moved by A.Jamonts and seconded by Chris Morgan. There was no business arising.

Correspondence:  There was no correspondence to deal with.

Presidents Report:  Alan Chrisp (President) presented his annual report.  This has been available to members on the ACTRVGA website. He stated that despite the impact of Covid everything was now “humming”along. He thanked Paul Scollen for carrying out the annual audit. Alan acknowledged the hard work done over the year by fellow committee members in particular the Captain and the Secretary in running the organisation and the weekly competitions.

From his position as president of the AVGU he said how disappointing it was that the Championships in Yarrawonga were eventually cancelled but was pleased to announce that the Mandurah championships were going ahead in November and that  a healthy number of  ACTRVGA members were attending.

Alan advised the meeting that in November 2023 Canberra will be hosting the event and planning is for 600 people to attend as players and non-playing partners. The ACTRVGA had applied for a ACT Government Tourism Grant to help with the running of the event. There will also be a strong emphasis on the social aspects of the event.

Volunteers will be sought from ACTRVGA to help with a raft of tasks, including, scoring , marshalling, spotting etc.

Alan also thanked the sponsors to date for their support of the event particularly the Hellenic Club and the Tradies Club.

Alan advised the meeting that 2023 is the 50Th anniversary of the formation of Veterans golf in the ACT. He felt we should have some form of celebration and welcomed any ideas from the members that may be suggested.

Treasurers Report:  Joe Gunning (Treasurer) presented a Treasurers report including the audited statement of accounts and financial report as had been published on the ACTRVGA website.

It was noted that the ACTRVGA finances are in a healthy financial position, and we had an operating profit of $4800 for the year. Mainly due to attributable to Covid with the missing golf and combination of the AGM with the Christmas function. The total financial assets of the association were in the order of $64,000. The Tradies provided the association with sponsorship once again.

Joe stated to the meeting that he will undertake a review of the weekly prize allocations with a view to an increase in value.

The motion to adopt the Treasurers report was moved by A.Booth and seconded by T.Woods  and carried.

It was resolved that Paul Scollen will be approached by the committee to conduct the 2022/23 audit as is required.

Captains Report: Chris Morgan (Captain) presented the Captains Report to the meeting as had been published on the ACTRVGA website. Chris noted the disruptions to the 2021/22 golf program due to the extremely wet weather as well as Covid. Chris acknowledged the co-operation of the various golf clubs with our playing program changes that occurred due to these factors.

Chris welcomed the new members and stated that work on 2023 golf program will soon commence.  There will be unavailability later in 2023 to use Yowani and Federal due to development plans at those clubs. This will impact the 2023 golf program to some extent.

Chris thanked the other committee members for their generous help and support throughout a challenging year.

The motion to adopt the Captains report was moved by R.Drayton seconded by A.Jamonts  and carried.

Committee Elections:  Under the rules of the Association there was a requirement to elect a new committee at this AGM.

The Secretary (David Marron) stated that no nominations or resignations had been received for the Committee.

The previous committee was therefore reappointed as per the ACTRVGA Rules.

The ACTRVGA Committee for 2022/2024 is:

President                                  Alan Chrisp.

Secretary:                                 David Marron.

Treasurer:                                  Joe Gunning

Captain:                                    Chris Morgan

Public Officer                            David Marron

Committee: Alan Booth, Brian Holley, Andy Jamonts, David Porter, Marian Blake and Grant Verco, Michael Harrison, Chris Dunstone together with ex-officio Committee members Mike Greep and Ian Wallace.

General Business: 

R.Tidy asked the committee about the possibility of using Royal Canberra as one of the weekly  golf venues. While this is desirable and the committee continues to pursue the possibility, the issue of cost is always a problem. It was felt that members would not be prepared to pay the minimum of $100 that would be required for a round there.

J.Voss asked about the adoption of the MiScore system on smartphones for the ACTRVGA scoring. The committee is considering this for implementation in 2023.

2022 AVGU National Championships – Canberra

Alan Chrisp (President) advised the meeting that the planning of 2023 AVGU Championships was well underway.  A considerable number of hours spent on it so far by the committee. A new Championship website was under development based on the Mandurah website that included online entry form.

MOUs had been established with the 5 clubs that would host the golf events with a player rate of $30 per game per person. This was very good value.

It is estimated that ACTRVGA would need to seek about 100 volunteers from our member’s ranks to help in many ways to run a successful 2023 AVGU National Championships in Canberra.

Meeting Closed at 2.45pm

David Marron

Secretary ACTRVGA.