The Annual General Meeting of Members of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association Incorporated will be held at the Federal Golf Club on Monday 12 September 2022 commencing at 12.30pm (following the Golf).


  1. President to open the meeting and call for any apologies.
  2. The observation of one minute’s silence for deceased members.
  3. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 21 December 2021 and any business arising.
  4. Correspondence.
  5. Presidents Report for 2021/2022
  6. Treasurers Report for 2021/2022
  7. Captains Report for 2021/2022
  8. To receive and consider the Club’s audited Statement of Accounts, Auditors Statement, and other information as required under Section 73 (1) of the ACT.
  9. To elect a returning officer for the oversight of the New Committee Election
  10. To elect the new Committee and Office Bearers  (up to 9 ordinary Committee and 4 office bearers.  (Nomination forms are available on the Associations website: and must be received by the Secretary not less than 7 days prior to AGM)
  11. To appoint an Honorary Auditor for the current Financial Year.
  12. Playing program for 2023.
  13. Progress Report on the 2023 AVGU National Championships – Canberra  November 2023.
  14. To transact any other business which may be brought before the Meeting in conformity with the Associations Rules

Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Incorporated.

Date:         21st December 2021.

Venue:      Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club

The meeting commenced at 12:45 pm. There were 98 members in attendance.

Apologies:  D.Marron, F.Reilly, K.Wark 

The President, Alan Chrisp opened the meeting and called for a minutes silence in memory of the members who had passed away during the past 12 months. Recently deceased members mentioned were Harold Whitby, Tim Paul and Ron Reeson.

Minutes of the 2019/20 AGM:  The minutes as published on the ACTRVGA website were taken as read and this was confirmed on a motion moved by A Jamonts and seconded by A Booth.

Correspondence:  No correspondence was received. There was no business arising.

Alan Chrisp advised that the Presidents Report, Captains Report and Treasurers Report had been available to members on the ACTRVGA website for some time.

He acknowledged the voluntary work done over the year by The Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and fellow committee members in running the organisation and weekly competitions. Andy Jamonts was congratulated on his work setting up the new Website.

Paul Scollen was thanked for performing the official audit of the accounts, and was reappointed for next year.

It was noted that the ACTRVGA finances are in a healthy financial position after a trying year.

The motion for the adoption of the Reports was moved by Ross Norton and seconded by Andy Jamonts and carried.

Life Membership: The President Alan Chrisp, proposed to the meeting that the Association confer Life Membership to long time player and member Alan Booth. Alan had served on the Committee for many years, as a Captain and maintaining the fixture and booking sheet system. The proposal was adopted unanimously by the meeting 

General Business: 

2023 AVGU National Championships  – Canberra

Alan Chrisp stated that the AVGU National Championships programmed for Mandurah, West Australia was in November 2022

The AVGU Championships scheduled for Canberra in 2023 will go ahead as planned.

Alan was pleased to advise we have secured the Tradies Club Dickson as a major Sponsor for the year and for the upcoming Championships in Canberra.

All 2021 championship winners were awarded and congratulated.

Meeting Closed at 1.30 pm.