Captain’s Report


First of all, I would like to acknowledge the tireless work of the committee who have assisted with scoring, updating golf link with your scores (and now MiScore), presentation of golf balls, chasing up members to collect weekly prizes and collecting green fees where no pro shop assistance was available and previously for collecting your much needed membership fees. You would not believe what goes on behind the scenes to run this event week in week out. We rely on annual membership renewals, the ball comp fee and sponsorships to provide prizes and golf balls week in and week out. It will also be a busy time during this year with organizing the championships here in Canberra in 2023.

I would like to thank all of the staff in the pro shops, of all the clubs who have who have assisted us veterans by collecting the green fees, starting the events, being flexible with our program, liaising with their green keepers to set up the courses and making us Veterans very welcome.

In addition, I would like to thanks all of you members who turn out week in and week out in support of the golf clubs where we play.


As you will be aware the committee introduced MiScore in March of this year. A tireless amount of work was undertaken to present members with an up to date scoring system that will lead to a simpler method of scoring during the Championships in November. It is also adding interest with the availability of “side events”

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mick Hoare, Andy Jamonts and David Marron who along with myself took on this task, and apart from a few teething problems, we now have a scoring system that works brilliantly. I would also like to mention the setting up of and the training us committee members by One Golf who put everything in place and provided the foundation of the scoring system we now have. Their expertise and availability to sort out our issues has been fantastic.

Lastly, to the committee members who have put their hands up to assist with the “kiosk” for those members who don’t use MiScore.

Program 2024

In regard to the 2024 program, I would like to mention that we may be only be playing two games at Yowani next year and they will be limited to a 9 hole round twice, similar to RMC. Federal has advised that they will only be able to commit to two rounds next year. Therefore, I have allocated more rounds to the other courses in our golfing area. Confirmation of dates and prices are still being sort.

The 9am start has been maintained from April for the winter months. However, Federal have asked us to start at 7:30am for rounds on their course to allow for members to play once we have all teed off.

A copy of the 2024 program will be available from the committee when we have all of the club’s responses, however it will definitely in print at our annual Christmas/Presentation day.

Slow Play

There are still groups of players taking 4 hours 20mins to 4 hours 50 mins (Queanbeyan 7 August 2023) to play their round of golf. We need to play more ready golf and NOT wait in turn to have a shot. Members in carts can have their second shot off the tee if their walking partners are still walking to their ball. Members are getting frustrated with the slow play and it disrupts the flow of play.

Last Minute Cancellations and No Shows

Again it is still happening to the detriment of the whole group playing especially in AMBROSE EVENTS (AGM and Christmas). If your group member has entered your name without consulting you and you know that are not playing please remove your name before the closing time of 12pm the Sunday prior to Monday’s round so that I can move players in the field where necessary. Removing your name also allows others to play if there is a list of reserves. We can only have up to 112 per round at most clubs. There will be no moving into other groups for Ambrose events because it obviously disrupts the other 3 players.

Please don’t assume that when you put your group in that all members are available to play. Please check!

In Conclusion:

A warm welcome to all the new members who have joined this year and hope that you are enjoying your golf in the Vets ranks and also playing on the various courses around Canberra.

At the end of the day we all like to have a good even paced game (score or otherwise), but at the end of the day it is only a game and the next one is just around the corner.

All the best to you and I trust you keep playing well.

Chris Morgan