President’s Report

ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Inc.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Federal Golf Club on 12 September 2022.

It gives me pleasure to present this report for the financial year 2021-22 on behalf of your Committee and to advise that we continue to meet the prime objectives of our Association with respect to the promotion, control and arrangement of veteran’s golf in our Region.

To all committee members, thanks for your contributions over the past year with particular thanks to David Marron and Chris Morgan and Joe Gunning for their contributions as Secretary, Captain and Treasurer. The Committee functions, game day and background operations have worked smoothly due to your input and willingness to pitch in and help out wherever necessary.

Special thanks also to Marian and David for again organizing the hampers for the Christmas Cheer day.

I would also like to thank our Auditor and Life Member Paul Scollen for casting a critical eye over our finances.

As required by our constitution we held at least four Committee meetings during the year.

Despite the Covid related disruptions in the early part of the financial year, we have emerged in good shape with our finances healthy, attendances high and a steady stream of new members.  I am pleased to report that our sponsorships with the Tradies and Gungahlin Lakes have resumed and we thank them for their support.

You all see the time and effort Chris and others put in each week on game days.  We can make their work much easier by putting in correct and complete cards as soon as possible after finishing and making sure they are legible.

It has been a tough couple of years for the AVGU with the National Championships scheduled for Yarrawonga in November 2020 postponed to November 2021 and then cancelled after it became apparent that COVID restrictions were unlikely to be lifted in time for the event to proceed.

Fortunately, the Championships in Mandurah WA for November 2022 will be held. Entries are still open and a link is on our website. 

Looking forward, calendar year 2023 will be a big one when we host the AVGU Championships in November.  A power of work has gone already in to preparing for the event and we will be looking for volunteers to help in the set up and running of the competition.  A briefing note on the Championships is on the website.

2023 also marks the 50th anniversary of the first ACTRVGA Open Stroke Championship in 1973.  The Committee is looking at ways in which we can celebrate this milestone.  Suggestions will be welcome.

On the downside, our playing program will likely be disrupted by major redevelopments at Yowani and Federal from September.  Also there may be issues at Belconnen from April.  Next year’s program may be a work in progress re these issues are resolved.

As always, your Committee welcomes (constructive) suggestions for innovations or changes which improve our operations and/or participant enjoyment.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for the honour of being your President and for the support and encouragement given to me by the members and committee during my time in the Chair.

Thank you

Alan Chrisp
September 2022