Treasurer’s Report


I am pleased to report that as at 30 June we remain in a strong financial position.  All accounts are paid to date and we have no known unscheduled major liabilities.

The financial statements for the year have been audited and are detailed below.

The financial year resulted in an operating profit of $4,837. Our net financial position at 30 June is assets of $64,646, and includes unredeemed prize vouchers of $1225.

Most members pay by Direct Debits which has provided an easy way for members to stay financial.

We once again were able to obtain our major sponsor for the financial year, The Tradies which we are grateful for and it has helped keep our financial position strong.

COVID did affect us in that we were not able to have all the events that are typical for our calender but that looks past us now.

Looking ahead we have secured The Tradies as our major sponsor for the upcoming National Championships in Canberra in 2023, which we are in the midst of the planning phase.

Joe Gunning